Frequency Asked Questions

Our FAQ page provides you with the most recently asked questions with answers.


What type of lock is used on the BendR Box Original?

We use a weather resistant metal lock that is randomly keyed from the Illinois Lock Company.  If you lose your key(s), then you can contact us or the lock company to determine replacement options.


How large is the BendR Box Original?

The box is made into a patent pending trapezoid configuration.  The dimensions are 13"L x 8"W  x 4"H.


Is the BendR Box Original waterproof?

The box is designed to naturally "breath" during normal use.  It is not waterproof.  It has a sealed lower side to prevent any spray from the rear wheel penetrating the enclosure.  We recommend washing the bike and box with mild soap and water using a gental spray or wipe down.  Never use a pressurized water stream from a garden hose or pressure spayer to clean the bike or box.


Will the BendR Box Original fit on a Rad Runner with fenders and/or a Passenger Kit?

The box is designed to fit on a Runner 1, Runner 2 or Runner Plus with or without fendors and Passenger Kits.  The box does not fit on a Runner 3 model.


What are the Shipping charges for your products?

We always strive to provide fair shipping costs, no matter where you live in relation to our shop.  Our shipping fees are the same for everyone and are product specific?


Where is the BendR Box manufactured?

We design, manufacture, paint and assemble the boxes in Bend, Oregon.  We strongly support our local community and do what we can to keep job activities as local as possible.


Does the Border Collie in the pictures come with the BendR Box?

Walter is our shop dog and loves fetching toys.  We'd be heartbroken without him entertaining us each day, so he is unavailable for adoption even when purchasing one of our items. 


Thanks for asking!